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provides an easy way to model your personal finance, to find your personal net worth, and ultimately to understand what your worth may become over your life time. It comprises several free online financial apps to model all aspects of your net worth. Become a free member to save your worth.


Your fortune could grow over the next 25 years to more than

Find Your Worth
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  • A whole new way to understand your wealth
    It could change things forever!
  • 360 Understanding
    If you're going to talk about your finances, then you need to look at all aspects.
    Lifelong view
    You probably expect to live long years, so you had better consider all of them.
    Super easy & interactive
    It's as easy as sliding bars to interactively model your fortunes.
    Keep it in the cloud
    Accessible anywhere you are in case you want to update or retrieve your information.
  • No banks & no risk
    Unlike the bird brand, you don't need to connect your bank account into this one.
    No frequent fiddling
    There's no daily and monthly reconciling of micro finances. Who has time for that!
    No complex setup & training
    We keep it straight and simple so you can too.
    No compatibility issues
    It's always available - web or mobile, and whatever your device.

  • And the best part of all ...
    It's completely FREE for you and everyone you know!
    You, your spouse, your friends, your kids, your parents, absolutely everyone!

  • Find Your Worth
    Commit to lifelong wealth creation to find your fortune!
* based on an 8% compounding return
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